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Deck and Patio Restoration

It seems like you have been looking for a patio construction or deck restoration service provider here in San Antonio, TX. If so, you don’t need to worry anymore, cause you have got Decks & More at your service. Patios can also be termed engineering beauty. Sometimes your household just requires a few minor touches (not necessarily expensive) to completely change its outlook also from a structural point of view. Wanting to change the vibe of your outdoors? No worries, a well-built patio is all you need to transform the aesthetic of your space.

Why choose us?

Well, first of all, let’s get “build your patio by yourself” out of the way. These are structures that can be made with the help of wood, bricks, stones, cobbles, gravel, etc. Taking on the responsibility to build these structures on your own can be hazardous in every possible manner. This is where our existence comes into play. Our established company has been in the patio construction or deck builder industry for quite some time now and has handled hundreds of construction projects while maintaining customer satisfaction as well as perfection in build quality. Our workers are trained professionals, equipped with modern tools to ensure precision and swiftness.

Besides all these positives we are known for being affordable throughout the market. Compromising the built quality of the patio or deck builder is not an option that is considered by us. But at the same time, respecting our client’s budget and deadline is what we do best.

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Looking for a patio construction or deck restoration service provider in San Antonio, TX, Decks & More stands out to be your best possible shot. Give us a call at (210) 460-1660 to appoint our services at your place.

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